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Prepare the skin before makeup, Are there important steps🤔?


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Preparing the skin before makeup is one of the important things that must be done in order to get smooth makeup without cracks. This helps to appear in a decent and beautiful appearance similar to the appearance of artists😎. Also, this routine before applying makeup helps the freshness of your skin and may help you to give up makeup from the foundation.

Prepare the skin for makeup
Prepare the skin

If you suffer from cracked makeup or lines below it, then this is due to not preparing the skin before applying makeup💄. Which makes you feel embarrassed and upset. Also, it makes you despair of applying it and your makeup is not desirable for you permanently. Ignoring this step negatively affects your skin and its freshness✨.

What is the meaning of preparing the skin before make-up? – Best Way to Prep Your Skin for Makeup💄 Application?

How to prepare the skin before make-up💄? Preparing the skin before make-up is a number of steps or a routine in order to before you use any cosmetic tools. Therefore, this routine cannot be dispensed, in order to appear with a correct and wonderful makeup look😎. These steps make you more attractive and keep you from feeling shy and upset from makeup cracks and other problems after applying and passing a little bit of time. 

Prep/prepare Your Skin for Makeup
Prep Your Skin for Makeup

How do I prepare the skin before makeup?

Many girls have asked how to prepare the skin before make-up💄, and we will show you all the details of this routine:

  1. Wash the face:

Wash your skin thoroughly with water and lotion suitable for your type of skin. Make sure to clean it of all dust, dirt, or old makeup residues✨. Because this will get rid of the oils that ruin the appearance of your makeup.

Wash the face prepare the skin before makeup
Wash the face for makeup
  1. Facial peeling:

Exfoliating the face before applying make-up is very important. Because, as it works to get rid of excess dead skin and helps your skin to breathe🙂. You can use home exfoliators or exfoliants in pharmacies.

  1. Toner:

Toner helps prevent pimples, as it closes pores. It helps make make-up easier to apply and distributes. Also, works on a slight moisturizing of the face and gives better results😋. You can use a favorite toner to iron.

Toner before Makeup
Toner before Makeup
  1. Rosewater:

It helps the freshness & brightness of your skin and is used for all skin types🙂. Put rose water in the refrigerator and use it every day three times, especially before applying makeup💄.

Rosewater before Makeup
Rosewater before Makeup
  1. Moisturizing:

You should be careful to apply a moisturizer to your skin before using make-up. This will help protect your skin and make makeup smoother and more beautiful✨. But use only an appropriate amount and do not apply too much facial moisturizer.

Moisturizing before Makeup
Moisturizing before Makeup
  1. Primer:

It works to cover small imperfections and lines. Also, it helps you to make your makeup look smoother and more beautiful✨. This is one of the basic steps before you start applying makeup💄.

  1. Sunscreen:

One of the important points is to use before applying makeup or not. Because it works to protect you from the darkening and damages of harmful rays. You can apply the cream on your face as well as any place exposed to the sun😎.


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