6 Essential Steps – that will make You more Fashion-Conscious

Fashion-Conscious, What are Essential Steps for Dressing👗?

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Fashion has always been a way of self-expression and fashion-conscious is the basic part of the choice of clothes. Whether, you want to present a specific image, a specific identity, a mood, or creativity😎. Fashion is the way to communicate without the need to talk. Given this importance, we must be aware and able to control our clothing choices. To get more fashion-conscious, we’ve gathered some basic steps for you to make a fashion icon.

Essential Steps for Dressing fashion-conscious
Essential Steps for Dressing

6 steps you can take to make your choices more fashion-conscious👌:

Steps for Wardrobe Dressing
Steps for Wardrobe Dressing

1- Arrange your closet for Fashion-Conscious:

In the beginning, the first step to put your wardrobe in order and make some crucial decisions about the items, either keep them, donate them or sell them. You have to accept that your clothing priorities have changed over time, and your wardrobe should reflect this✨. Preserve basic timeless designs, eliminate items that you won’t wear, and take up unnecessary space in your closet.

Arrange your Closet Fashion-Conscious
Arrange your closet

2- Make a list of the pieces you are missing and stick to them!

After you have arranged your closet and disposed of the items you will not need anymore. It will be easier to discover what is missing👀 in your closet. Whether it is a piece to complete a specific look or a replacement piece for an old and basic design. Creating a pre-made shopping list will make you focus on just the pieces you need🙂.

List of Clothes fashion-conscious
List of Clothes

3- Be a fabric expert:

Stir your curiosity and search for information on different types of fabrics before shopping. And, to be more aware of the items you will invest your money in, and what you need to avoid🤔. Don’t hesitate and ask the salesperson to make informed decisions when shopping. What materials are used in this piece, and where was it extracted from? Where was it made, and who did it?

Be a fabric expert Fashion-Conscious
Be a fabric expert

4- Encourage local talent:

Independent brands often offer capsule collections, meaning limited-edition pieces in small quantities, which means less waste🙂. When you buy from these brands, you are promoting local and small industries. As well as, craftsmen who need this support more than the big global factories.

Encourage local talent Fashion-Conscious
Encourage local talent

5- Fight waste clothes:

With so many new trends emerging every season. Basically, It has become difficult to keep up with everything new because it is expensive and environmentally friendly😊. Here are the different ways that will be solutions to reduce waste in the fashion industry:

  • Vintage designs:

Leave space for used clothes in your closet and extend their life to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

  • Rent clothes:

 Stop the excessive shopping and only rent out the pieces you’ll wear once.

  • Reinventing clothes:

To the DIY enthusiast, this solution! But unleash your creativity and reinvent a new design from the pieces you want to discard. 

Fight waste clothes Fashion-Conscious
Fight waste clothes

6- Shop from your own locker:

The variety of pieces in your closet does not mean that they are versatile and that more clothes do not mean more coordination. Dive into your closet, and create new outfits from the pieces you already have🙂. Here are some tricks that will help you achieve this:

  • Put the basic designs ahead as they are some of the most used pieces.
  • When styling a new look, focus on layering and use lots of accessories.
  • Split the set pieces apart and coordinate the top with other pants, or vice versa.
  • Try the 30for30 challenge, a month-long challenge that focuses on selecting only 30 items from your wardrobe and wearing them in different ways.
  • Let the photos on Instagram and Pinterest be your style inspiration.

    Shop from own locker Fashion-Conscious
    Shop from your own locker

In order to get more tips & secrets about fashion will help you in your dressing beauty. It gives you the look that you want, follow us in the next articles. So, stay tuned with us😊 and for more updates about how to treat your skin in a good way.

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